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Browse the project gallery to learn about the life changing work Heartful.ly partners are doing around the world.
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Send a Child in India to School for a Year

Seva Mandir's primary schools provide children in disadvantaged tribal areas with access to quality education in an interactive and joyful environment. Children are enabled to join mainstream schools, having become confident, independent learners.

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Help the homeless make media and move towards housing

Help D.C.’s homeless residents to create films, podcasts, and other media, in order to increase awareness of local homelessness issues, build skills and move towards stable housing.

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Celebrate love in NYC by supporting heart patients

Provide a sense of community and enable heart patients and their families to maintain financial and emotional stability, so they can focus on health and healing.

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Global Educational Empowerment for 100,000 Girls

The Global Educational Empowerment Project is an international initiative that helps girls from around the globe recognize their greatness and options in life by providing sisterhood mentoring, positive peer groups, exposure to career and work options, life skills, culture, and community awareness.

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Empower Students to Learn Climate Change In Nepal

Practical learning of environmental parameters through hands-on involvement during course work is a challenge in today's curriculum in Nepal. Hence, this project help student to understand and learn various environmental issues and their effect in our daily life through hands-on involvement. Through an integrated approach with the curriculum, students from 10 schools will be trained to understand and gain deeper insight on different parameters like hydrology, atmosphere, forest, soil science etc

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Train Community Health Workers to support remote communities

Founded by the survivors of Liberia’s civil war, Last Mile Health saves lives in the world’s most remote communities by training, managing and deploying professionalized Community Health Workers to provide critical primary health services.

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Support high-quality education for children in the rural highlands of Guatemala

Partners in Education is a scholarship program that educates impoverished elementary school students and increases their preparedness for higher education.

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Green Maps for a more sustainable future!

Green Maps inspire people to take action, so every community can be a healthier and more sustainable place! In more than 900 cities in 65 countries, locally-made Green Maps directly engage all ages by sharing important information about farmers markets, solar sites, cycling paths, community gardens, green job training centers, and much more. With your help, even more cities, towns and campuses will benefit from Green Map System's capacity building tools, platform and engagement resources.

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Safe Educational Trails for Kids and Teachers

Hands-on education in the rainforest is an important part of our "training centre." We now include elementary school children in our environmental education programme. But in order to take teachers, and especially children, into our forest, it is imperative that we have adequate trails. We need to build trails where children can walk into the different ecosystems without difficulty and in a safe manner, so that they have an overall positive experience.

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Provide safe water to communities in East Africa

Dispensers for Safe Water are a proven solution to the global crisis of access to safe water. They were tested through randomized controlled trials, and are now serving 4.2 million people with safe water.

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