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After school for 100 children between 4-6 at Siloe

The after school program for 100 children at Siloe is an initiative that seeks to contribute to the reduction of social vulnerability and to encourage the proper use of leisure time with recreational and academic activities
About Our Partner

Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali

The University of San Buenaventura is an institution of higher education that develops and provides high quality services to meet the needs of society; asserts its identity in the confluence of three substantial dimensions: its university being, his being Catholic and being Franciscan. University "Consider fundamental in its action, the constant search for truth; creative activity; serious and objective analysis of reality; scientific rigor and the intrinsic value of science and research, critical examination of the knowledge and applying them to the development of the community. "25 Performs the functions of teaching, research, outreach and institutional well instilling in these functions ethical, aesthetic, social and religious values, and assumes as fundamental notes be university: the autonomy of knowledge, corporateness, research, creation and the transformation of society through knowledge. as a Catholic Conceives the university community as a center for integral development and "reaffirms the primacy of the individual in the organization of society and the State" and "ensures the Christian presence in the university world confronting the great problems of society and the culture; affirms its fidelity to the Christian message as presented by the Church, which gives special significance to culture and science and gives priority to the dialogue between the Gospel, science and the various cultures existing in Colombia. " as Franciscan "Consider Jesus Christ as the center of the cosmos and of history; proclaims the universal brotherhood of creatures and reverence for creation; simplicity encourages the development of relations between members of the university community and through its various activities, trained in love for life, for justice, for peace, for freedom, for service to others and the protection and preservation of the environment ". Consequently, assumed as essential cultivation of sensitivity, the practical orientation of knowledge, immersion of the work within the specified environment, developing an attitude towards life centered on serving others and promoting simplicity in relations between members Bonaventurian community. To fulfill the mission, the University of principles, objectives and axiology is plotted.

The Problem

After school children in Siloe stay home without any adult supervision, being exposed to the influence of violence and gangs that are common in this area, besides that the failure to meet their basic needs makes them more vulnerable to being induced into criminal acts, such as psychoactive drug consumption or to join gangs. The after school program has been considered a tool to mitigate these risks in 100 children who are 4-6 years old

The Solution

This project is seeking to offer to 100 children in Siloe, who are considered vulnerable populations, alternatives to the proper use of their free time and to complement the classes that they have received at their regular schools. The after school program seeks to instill on children an interest in education through recreation, culture and sports, minimizing the risk in this part of the population through the recreational and experiential workshops that aim to strengthen children's skills


The project aims to reduce student's dropout rate as well as the association to criminal groups/gangs getting children to make an approach to education through activities that arouse not only childrens interest but also the desire of their parents to support them on their educational endeavors. Finally to achieve a positive change in children's school performance, interpersonal relationships, responsibility, and self-esteem, being an example to other children and in their homes.

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