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An Artistic Travel Through Biodiverse Colombia

We seek support to produce a publication that helps spread the word about SINFONIA TROPICO and its approach towards communicating environmental threats via community art. With your help we can publish a catalogue about our journey through the regions of Colombia. The catalogue will bring together texts on Colombia's natural wealth, summarize environmental threats, and discuss how the arts can make a difference in empowering local communities to take action to preserve the environment.
About Our Partner

Corporacion Sinfonia Tropico

Raise awareness about biodiversity conservation, avoiding deforestation, genetic diversity in agriculture, and climate change, by means of the arts. We have created a platform for scientists and artists to get together and create art pieces associated with the mission. The project aims to work with young people from ages 12 to 25 in Colombian regions where state presence has been historically lacking and which have a history of conflict. In this sense Sinfonia Tropico supports the peace process and promotes a cultural identity based on Colombia's incredible biodiversity wealth.

The Problem

Over the last years SINFONIA TROPICO has established a platform that fosters dialogue and cooperation on sustainable development and the protection of Colombia's unique ecosystems. During 2015, SINFONIA TROPICO staged events in the regions of Uraba, Amazonia, Orinoquia, Choco and Usme/Sumapaz. While blessed with widely different ecosystems, these regions are united in their environmental uniqueness and the exposure to socio-economical changes that besiege communities and biodiversity alike.

The Solution

SINFONIA TROPICO works with scientists and artists to develop workshops, exhibitions and concerts which raise awareness about the loss of biodiversity and deforestation in different regions of Colombia. SINFONIA TROPICO has organized workshops and involved more than 200 teenagers and young adults in composing, film-making, creative writing, photography. Our catalogue will encourage others in favor of the environment and celebrates the arts as a uniquely satisfying and encouraging means to do so.


SINFONIA TROPICO encourages young people to engage in favor of the environment and the arts. It targets regions with a history of conflict and seeks to create positive experiences that redefine territories associated with fear and violence as rooms of opportunity and hope. The arts serve as medium of communication but also as a safe space of expression and deliberation. The long-term impact consists in the seeds laid in the hearts of the people that have worked with SINFONIA TROPICO.

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