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Invest in a youth-led social enterprise in Senegal

Support young social entrepreneurs expand their line of natural, local coconut products that promote healthy living and sustainable business in Senegal.
About Our Partner

Bégué Coco

Bégué Coco is a social business that uses a triple bottom line approach. We work to measure our impact by analyzing the 1) Environmental, 2) Social, and 3) Economic elements that will make our business truly sustainable.

"Bégué is the Wolof word for "Happiness" and that is what we do with coconuts. We're creating products and building a business that spreads health, happiness and well-being. Begue! -Cheikhna Ahmed Tidiane Thiam, Co-Founder and General Director

The Problem

Half the country is unemployed and 60% of the population is under the age of 24, leaving millions of youth with no opportunity for upward mobility. Senegal’s economy is dominated by foreign companies and the few successful local businesses rely on environmentally destructive practices, exploitation of workers and products wrought with unhealthy ingredients, further complicated by the multitude of harmful imported products, including bleaching creams used by over 80% of Senegalese women.

The Solution

Bégué Coco is a social business promoting healthy living and sustainable business practices through the small-scale production of natural coconut products. As Senegal’s first virgin oil producer, we use our virgin coconut oil product line to introduce healthy beauty and cooking practices into the Senegalese market. Between the raw juice cocktails and virgin coconut oil cosmetics, Bégué Coco supports African producers and consumers through creating wholesome alternatives at affordable prices.


Bégué Coco will be self-sufficient through its sales by our 2nd year of increased operations, which will expand our reach. While revenue is critical to our success, we also measure our impact through a triple bottom line analysis of social, environmental and economic impacts. The development of a coconut farm will provide a base for our coconut supply and reforestation initiatives. Expansion will increase our impact as we share knowledge in agro-forestry, cooking and cosmetic techniques.

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