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From Homelessness to Stability

Every 2 minutes a child becomes homeless in America. 19% of the children in America live in poverty and 1.3 million children are homeless. There is help and there are support systems for these children and their parents. Since 1989, hundreds of homeless families have entered Genesis Home during a time of personal crisis. Genesis Home offers a safe, stable atmosphere where families rebuild their lives working towards permanent housing and employment. We can end homelessness, 1 family at a time
About Our Partner

Families Moving Forward

Genesis Home works to end homelessness for families with children and young adults by providing housing and supportive services to foster independence.

The Problem

Among industrialized nations, the United States has the largest number of homeless women and children. Homeless families comprise roughly 34% of the homeless population with approximately 1.3 million children experiencing homelessness this year. Recently, in the North Carolina there was a 50% increase in the number of homeless families. 92% of homeless mothers have experienced physical or sexual abuse and 84% of homeless families are female headed. Homeless kids go hungry at twice the rate.

The Solution

Genesis Home provides a safe place for families to live and rebuild their lives. Our ultimate objective is to end the cycle of homelessness for each family by building their overall capacity to create a stable, healthy household. Genesis Home case managers work closely with each family to achieve the following goals; Increase the family's earning potential; Help parents develop life skills; Promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health; Encourage appropriate familial relationships.


Genesis Home was founded in 1989 recognizing a need to provide shelter and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness in the community. Over the past five years, 75 percent of families graduating from our programs have successfully retained permanent housing. For 22 years we have helped hundreds of families reunite, get off the streets, and live independently. Homeless families face a daunting number of obstacles: we help end homelessness, 1 family at a time.

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