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Model Communities Protecting Children from Slavery

This project will help 50 vulnerable young children and adolescents from 9 rural communities of South East of Haiti, who are victims of domestic servitude and other forms of exploitation, to complete their basic education through our accelerated education program. They will learn technical trades for create self-sufficient life and to regain their self-esteem through psychosocial activities for their full reintegration in their communities.
About Our Partner

Fondation Limye Lavi

Who is Limye Lavi? What does Limye Lavi do? Limye Lavi is a Haitian organization that has been in existence since 1993. It works with marginalized communities in Haiti, especially those that are the most rural. Its mission is to work together with other organizations to help people in the most marginalized communities to cultivate the types of education and experiences that are based on respect and dignity, and which lead to autonomy. Limye Lavi works with all types of people, without distinction, particularly people from marginalized communities. Limye Lavi's main goal is to help the communities it works with to organize themselves and develop strategies so that: - all children in the community attend school and receive a quality education ; - community members neither send children to, nor receive children from the restavek system ; - the rights of all children are respected ; - communities produce more agricultural products and apply good techniques to increase income and improve economic living standards. Fondasyon Limye Lavi's work is focused in 3 main areas: Education, Protection and Defense of Children's Rights, and Agricultural / Economic Accompaniment. 1- Education Limye Lavi holds in-services for teachers and school directors, organizes rural schools into networks to meet together and create solutions for the educational problems experienced in the rural communities, organize themselves to defend children's rights, and work so that all children can go to school and receive a quality education. It incorporates a Match system to help schools cover their budgets, Book Banks so students can have books to study, and Accelerated Programs so older children who haven't had the chance to go to school can benefit from a good education. Limye Lavi also holds trainings for adults in the community to raise parents' awareness of how they can become more effectively involved in their children's education. 2-Protection and Defense of Children's Rights Specifically to protect and defend children's rights, Limye Lavi works to eliminate the restavek system (child labor system) in the rural communities. It holds trainings for community members about children's and youth's rights. It helps communities create committees to defend and protect children's rights, and accompanies the committees in helping the most vulnerable children in the communities, especially those children who return to the rural communities from being in the child labor (restavek) system. 3-Agricultural/Economic Accompaniment To help the communities increase their agricultural production and raise more money to function, Limye Lavi holds trainings focused on money management and agricultural techniques, and accompanies them in improving their planting and technical skills, taking better care of their gardens, and developing economic activities to increase agricultural production, save money and manage credit programs among themselves. Limye Lavi specifically uses methods that are built on participation, that allow people to share ideas and respect each other, develop tolerant and democratic spirits among themselves, and which develop collective ideas and shared leadership in the communities. It develops and uses methods such as: Reflection Circles, Open Space, ESK (Edikayson se yon Konvesasyon- Education is a Conversation), etc.

The Problem

More than a hundred children living in servitude have already returned to their families through our special Education Program (accelerated Education program) to enable such children to complete primary school in three (3) years. But after the basic cycle, they did not have the opportunity to continue their traditional schooling or learn a trade. Through this project, we will help 50 children and young people to achieve both objectives and facilitate a better integration into their communities.

The Solution

Through this project, the Foundation will provide Education, Free more children from slavery and abuse and Help these children and adolescents to become well integrated into their communities and develop their self-esteem. By empowering youth, we are protecting them and their future children from domestic slavery, a plight all too common for children from Haiti's rural areas. Education is the key to end slavery in Haiti, and this project will safeguard communities from this abusive practice


These teenagers will learn and then manufacture handicrafts which they can sell, providing them with an income. Three (3) communities will each have a craft production workshop where young people will continue to produce, enhance their learning and develop their talent. A committee will be formed in each community to support the teenagers and help them sell their products. Their future will be more assured. This will decrease the risk for parents to continue to send them in servitude

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