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Global Educational Empowerment for 100,000 Girls

The Global Educational Empowerment Project is an international initiative that helps girls from around the globe recognize their greatness and options in life by providing sisterhood mentoring, positive peer groups, exposure to career and work options, life skills, culture, and community awareness.
About Our Partner

Sisterhood Agenda, Inc.

Sisterhood Agenda is an award-winning nonprofit organization that creates and implements sisterhood activities for women and girls around the globe. The organization promotes positive social change and has over 3,500 global partners in 34 countries. Global partners create an extensive sisterhood network to increase local organization capacity and unite women and girls. Sisterhood Agenda's SEA (Sisterhood Empowerment Academy), based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, attracts international participants. On global and local levels, Sisterhood Agenda addresses social, health, economic and cultural issues facing women and girls to promote positive life outcomes. Sisterhood Agenda's social impact is expanded through partnerships with agencies, individuals and businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, India, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Africa, and other geographic regions. Sisterhood Agenda maintains its social networking sites and blog at www.sisterhoodagenda.com.

The Problem

Sisterhood Agenda implements sisterhood mentoring programs such as SHE: Sisters Healthy & Empowered, Sister Circles, and SisterCamp and creates educational tools like Girls Guide, a how-to book series. We encourage locally adapted, culturally appropriate, customized strategies to link our 3,500 partners and the global girls they serve to one connected, conscious and enlightened Sisterhood Agenda global network. The Global Educational Empowerment Project is our largest project.

The Solution

The spirit of sisterhood must be the foundation of any empowerment movement for women and girls. Using a hands-on, multi-media approach rooted in the tradition of girls coming together to be taught by the women in their communities, Sisterhood Agenda uses a modern approach to instilling knowledge and gender awareness by using technology to promote global girls self-development. Mentoring, peer influence, and collaboration are the general strategies employed.


With its use of technology (mobile phones, computers, blogs, videos, video conferencing, social media, webinars, meetings, conferences, plus learning software tools such as Google + hangouts, Noodle and iTunes University), the Global Educational Empowerment Project prepares girls to meet the challenges of their generation by giving them tools, awareness and knowledge to avoid negative outcomes for self-sufficiency, educational attainment, life enhancement, and ultimate success.

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