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Empowering Mayan women through ancient textiles

impacto textil worked with 60 Mayan women to improve the production of textile handicrafts; we are now starting to replicate and scale methodologies and tools as to serve 500 to 1000 artisans in a two-year timeframe. Our work helps women to expand on their craft, teaching them advanced design principles and technical skills. With improved products, artisans gain increased access to ethical and fair trade markets and a secure income to support their families, mainly children and their community.
About Our Partner

Proyecto Impacto Consultores, AC

Our mission is to educate and improve access to knowledge and know-how of producers that are part of eligible local organizations, while applying innovative methodologies for value-chain optimization. Our end-goal is 3-fold: (1) To reduce poverty and income inequality through sustainable, wealth-generating programs; (2) To enhance human capital to meet the needs of a competitive global market; (3) To increase private and non-for-profit sectors co-investments for shared-value creation. Our team has a strong experience in various sectors, such as the handicraft and coffee sectors; we also prioritize critical areas such as technology; brand, marketing & communications; and, leadership development & entreprenuerialship; to deliver long-lasting results within the area of influence, operating in Chiapas, with scaling opportunities in vulnerable regions with indigenous populations in Mexico and in Latin America.

The Problem

Indigenous women in Mexico's highlands are suffering by the lack of economic opportunities. They are isolated geographically, culturally and linguistically. Through improving their traditional techniques, and developing business skills, artisans can create a premium product to ethical and fair trade markets, the understanding of global market demand, and the know-how to administer their business affairs that would allow them to earn a sustainable livelihood.

The Solution

impacto textil works with groups of Mayan woman artisans to build new weaving, design and business skills. By linking designers and artisans, impacto trains indigenous women in innovative, market-ready product development. While artisans learn new skills, impacto facilitates market access for their products so they can earn a sustainable income to support their families, their children and their community.


Women invest income directly into their children and their communities. Economic opportunity, skills and education empower women to transform not only themselves but also lifting their families out of poverty. Women artisans that partner with impacto increase their income by selling higher-demand products to global markets. Also they develop the professional, leadership skills and self-confidece needed for long-term economic success and social transformation.

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