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Give Child Marriage Survivors a Global Voice

Too Young To Wed's unique photography workshops bring former child brides and girls at-risk of child marriage together to overcome their trauma and learn visual storytelling skills that will help them communicate their own stories, giving them a voice on the world stage. Through these workshops, we hope to create a generation of empowered advocates and community leaders in the fight to end this devastating practice.
About Our Partner

Too Young To Wed, Inc.

TYTW's mission is to protect girls' rights and end child marriage. Through the use of powerful portraits and short films of child brides, TYTW serves as the bridge, connecting girls' stories to governments, policymakers, and the public. TYTW's Adolescent Girls Photography Workshops provide survivors and girls at-risk of child marriage a chance to heal, tell their own stories, and return to their communities as leaders in the fight against child marriage. OUR VISION IS A WORLD WHERE Every girl can decide for herself, if, when, and whom to marry. Adolescent girls are free to simply be children and can determine the course of their own lives.

The Problem

Every 2 seconds, a girl is married against her will. There are more than 700 million women today who were married before the age of 18, including 233 million before they were 15. Child brides are more likely to leave school early and experience poor health, sexual & physical violence, and injury & death from pregnancy. In Kenya, 23% of girls marry before age 18. The number of girls married will double by 2050, if nothing is done.

The Solution

TYTW will build and roll-out a curriculum to run a 5-day photo workshop in Kenya that will also be launched globally in the future. Girls will: 1. Gain photojournalism skills to express themselves 2. Have their voices heard by the community, local leaders, and even global leaders 3. Gain tools and strategies to overcome trauma from child marriage, violence & sexual abuse 4. Organize and host a community-wide photo exhibit to spark community action to end child marriage and protect girls' rights.


Photography workshops will have lasting effects on the community of over 250 households. After graduating from workshops girls will have newfound confidence and respect of their communities. They will have tools to manage their personal trauma, serve as role models for other girls, and mobilize their communities to end child marriage. TYTW will raise global awareness on the issue by sharing participants' photographs with art galleries, media outlets and policy makers to effect policy change.

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