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Flood Disaster Response at Tamil Nadu, S.India

Since the middle of November 2015, massive rainfall of coastal Districts of Tamil Nadu, India has resulted inundation. The flood in Cuddalore & Thoothukudi districts are worst affected. Nearly 300 people died, 1.8 million had damages, and 2 lakh hec. agricultural fields damaged. Although the Govt. declared early warning, the community did not grasp them properly. That is why we plan to provide disaster management. Now the livelihood is the worst affected.
About Our Partner

Chevaliar J.L.P. Roche Victoria K.S.G. Memorial Trust Society

The mission of Chevaliar J.L.P. Roche Victoria K.S.G. Memorial Trust Society is to strive hard for the betterment of underprivileged sections of the society, particularly the coastal community with focus on women empowerment, alternate livelihood, health and sanitation, conservation of natural resources, agriculture, climate change and disaster mitigation and adaptation.

The Problem

Due to the continuous heavy rain fall, ponds and lakes reached fullest capacity water. Cuddalore District received 266mm rain fall on Nov 2015, already had 500mm rainfall leading large scale of flooding. About 79 persons died only on Cuddalore district, 50,000 trees have been damaged and 2,00,000 hectares of Agricultural crop lands fully damaged. The Govt. of Tamil Nadu has announced that this districts as the officially declared Disaster area.

The Solution

By having rich experience in disaster management & preparedness of our NGO (Chevalier Roche Society - CRS) has immediately conducted a Rapid Assessment in Cuddalore & Thoothukudi Districts. (Rapid Assessment Report Annexed) identified the immediate needs of victims. As the affected community, could not understand properly the early warning. Hence we will provide Disaster management / preparedness trainings mainly on early warnings & first aid trainings will be provided.


Disaster Management trainings. Plan preparation, Mock drill, evacuation routes, and first aid practices will be convened. By using water tool kid, analyzing water samples will be conducted. As the victims livelihoods have been totally damaged, it is a foremost thing to provide additional livelihood thro trainings for Flood disaster districts. By using locally available raw materials for Agricultural value added and fish culture trades, thereby ensuring livelihood with sustainable measures.

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