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Empower Students to Learn Climate Change In Nepal

Practical learning of environmental parameters through hands-on involvement during course work is a challenge in today's curriculum in Nepal. Hence, this project help student to understand and learn various environmental issues and their effect in our daily life through hands-on involvement. Through an integrated approach with the curriculum, students from 10 schools will be trained to understand and gain deeper insight on different parameters like hydrology, atmosphere, forest, soil science etc
About Our Partner

Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness

1. ECCA will be a Model Professional Volunteer Organization (PVO) dedicated towards natural resources management 2. ECCA will organize programs so as to secure children's sound ecological future 3. ECCA will support the development of conservation related entrepreneurship

The Problem

Education in Nepal is totally based on theory rather than practical learning for students. To some extent, it also determines study interest in students as well as the education quality in schools. Inadequate support from government to school lacks educational materials, training & support for teachers required for quality education and practical learning. This project will equip 7 schools benefiting above 200 students to learn about climate change and environment through hands-on activities.

The Solution

We provide training, educational materials and equipment support required for conducting various experiment related with different parameters of environment to the schools and students. Hands-on activities through training programs during study of environment and through conducting experiments in different parameter, students will get proper education in science and will be knowledgeable about their local environment. Working in team during experiment will help them to develop a team spirit.


200 students every year from 7 schools will receive training on generating data for different environmental parameters. They will be able to guide other students to conduct experiments in various environmental issues and undertake research activities enhancing their knowledge and skills in order to upgrade their learning and education.

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