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Help South African H.S. Grads Attend College

This project will provide South African high school grads with an opportunity to escape the poverty of squatter camps and townships through higher education, vocational training and job placement.
About Our Partner

Christel House International

Christel House helps children around the world break the cycle of poverty, realize their hopes and dreams, and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

The Problem

Educational and economic Apartheid traps millions of South African youth. Half of all students drop out before finishing high school. Only 50% of black grads pass the critical "matric" exam, which determines university/ vocational school admission. "Coloureds" (mixed race) pass at 76%, but 99% of whites pass. Only 10% of graduates-all races-qualify for university, and although they make up 80% of the population, only 1 in 20 black students obtains a university degree. Education creates equality.

The Solution

100% of Christel House graduates passed the matric exam; 77% qualified for university bursaries, but cannot afford the incidental expenses further studies require. We support their efforts with transportation, meals, supplies, workshops/ counseling.


When the disenfranchised are empowered, they will change their communities and countries. Although only 30-60 graduate each year, our students know they must make the world a better place, which in turn creates an exponential "multiplier effect."

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