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Help Feed and Send to School Poor Kids in the Phil

The Children's Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI) has been helping thousands of destitute children in the Philippines since 1998 by feeding, clothing, providing them with decent shelter, and sending them to school. The primary intention of this noble work is to help these children reach their potentials to become strong pillar in nation building. CJFI established and maintain 7 Child Care Residential Homes run by professional Social Workers, Psychologists, and educators to carry out this mission.
About Our Partner

Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.

The vision of Children's Joy is to achieve excellence of its operation in greater heights to empower the children in God's way to live a life of responsibility, and accountability to become a strong pillar in nation building. The mission of Children's Joy Foundation is to reach out the greater masses of destitute children in the country that are neglected, abandoned, dependent, and orphaned by feeding them, providing them a decent shelter, providing them with decent clothing, and sending them to school to achieve their dreams, become responsible and accountable in their community and nation building. The goal of Children's Joy is to provide three million children in the Philippines with various residential services and community based programs to harness their potentials in community and nation building.

The Problem

Philippines has thousands of neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children who needs appropriate attention and care. Only few institutions in the Philippines are catering the needs of these children in a holistic approach because it entails much cost and manpower. CJFI Child Care Program for destitute children is a holistic approach, that is why it is always confronted with increasing referrals for child admission. This project will enhance CJFI's capacity in meeting the needs of the children.

The Solution

It will improve the capability of CJFI in meeting the needs of the children for food, shelter, clothing, and education. The project will also address the increasing referrals for child admission to CJFI's facilities through improving its capacity in terms of funding sources to maintain the Child Care Residential Facilities.


With this project, many neglected, abandoned and orphaned will benefit the program and services of CJFI for destitute children in the country. As a result more children will be given the opportunity to achieve their dreams and help them become strong pillar in nation building by allowing them to go to school, letting them live comfortably and develop their personality.

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