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Help Orphan Puppies - Special Needs Dogs in the US

We are a special needs puppy rescue group that works with high kill kill shelters to save puppies that would otherwise be euthanized. These puppies are seen by specialists who work with us to save these puppies. We believe that all puppies deserve a chance at a wonderful life in a loving home, regardless of breed or special needs. We do not have a facility or kennel, which means that all of our puppies live in our homes with us.
About Our Partner

Help Orphan Puppies, Inc.

Help Orphan Puppies, Inc is a rescue organization dedicated entirely to puppies. We accept all puppies into our program, regardless of abuse, injuries or medical needs, or breed. We believe that all puppies should be given an equal chance and most behavior problems later in life can be attributed to people, not the breed. Our puppies are allowed to develop and grow at their own pace. We do not place a time limit on our puppies, rather placing them when they are ready for their "forever home". All puppies are raised with people and others dogs of all sizes. We crate train all of our puppies. By not having too many puppies at one time, we learn their personalities and therefore are better able to match them with perspective adopters.

The Problem

Special needs puppies are almost always euthanized due to the cost and time it takes to get them healthy and to the point where they are adoptable. We take in all types of special needs puppies, including blind, deaf, gun shot wounds, bottle babies, and multiple trauma.

The Solution

This project will give us the needed funding we need to continue our work. We take in puppies that are scheduled to be euthanized due to their special needs. We take them to see specialists and get them the medical care that they need to be healthy and adoptable. Many of the special needs puppies require extensive veterinary care to get them to the point where they are adoptable.


This project will allow us to continue to save these puppies from being euthanized. We have saved many puppies that have been placed in loving homes. Many of these puppies have gone on to become certified therapy dogs who work in their communities.

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