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Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission

The Navajo Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission (NHRRM) is an effort to rescue, re-home and provide essential care for wild horses, burros and orphan foals saved from slaughter or that have been victimized by the Navajo roundups. The Wild for Life Foundation provides for their rescue services, including evacuation out of danger, their transport to safety, their immediate veterinary medical care, and any other essential needs, including placement into safe harbor habitats under WFLF's NHRRM program.
About Our Partner

Wild for Life Foundation

Wild for Life Foundation is dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines.

The Problem

Over 2000 Native Navajo Mustangs have been captured and sent to slaughter. Our all volunteer rescue team has put their lives on hold to intercept,help and save as many of these horses and baby foals as possible. Continued donations are needed to pay for transportation, hay, vet medical care, pasture space and shelter for these roundup/ slaughter survivors.

The Solution

WFLF has secured safe harbor for over 200 at risk Mustangs through its equine rescue/ recovery and sanctuary program, and we want to do as much as possible to help these victimized horses and burros. WFLF's gentle, soothing rescue and rehabilitation process is allowing rescued fillies and colts to heal in a calm and safe environment. As rescued horses heal, their successful transitions to Ambassadors create a lasting impact on the public for more humane and positive care of horses.


WFLF's wild and domestic horse rescue and sanctuary programs together with our equine wellness enrichment programs and wild horse observation program provide multiple opportunities for the community including humanitarian services for animals, humane education for the public at large, plus enrichment, and healing for at risk and disadvantaged youth, and others in need.

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