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Psychological Counseling for 20 Nepali Children

In Nepal, psychological counseling is only now beginning to be used to help children address and recover from trauma and the stresses of life. The Nepal Youth Foundation's Ankur Counseling Center (ACC) offers counseling to needy children. In addition, the ACC leads programs designed to teach professionals in education, medicine and social services how to provide these counseling services to children throughout the country.
About Our Partner

Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF)

The Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF; formerly the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation, NYOF) is devoted to bringing hope to the most destitute children in the beautiful but impoverished Himalayan country of Nepal. With a personal touch, we provide these children with what should be every child's birthright - education, housing, medical care, and loving support. Empowered to reach their potential, these children blossom, enriching the world we all share.

The Problem

Because of the insurgency which raged through Nepal for 13 years and which was only recently resolved, there is a population of tramatized children who witnessed this warfare and many who were orphaned during the conflict. In addition, disabled and homeless children also suffer from oppression and discrimination, stress and abuse. Many of these children would benefit greatly from psychological counseling administered by well-trained and sensitive counselors.

The Solution

Nepal Youth Foundation's Ankur Counseling Center provides counseling to hundreds of needy children for emotional, behavioral, or social problems. Sometimes, just a few sessions is sufficient to help resolve disturbances and give these children the tools to more effectively go on with their lives. Other children more severely troubled are given in-depth counseling for an average of six sessions.


In Nepal, very few resources are available for people requring therapy, and almost none of these resources serve needy children. Ankur establishes a model for providing counseling that will be copied as psychology becomes more widespread in Nepal.

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