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Safe shelter & future for deprived Indian children

25 children from crime prone slums and single parented/deserted/parents in conflict with law/in prison/extremely poor will be provided with safe shelter, food, clothing and quality education. Since the parents/guardians of these children could not care for these children due to their circumstances and poverty, the children are prone to different forms of abuse. They are influenced by the criminal behaviour of their friends and adults. The aim is to protect these children & give a bright future.
About Our Partner

New Life

To bring the poor women and their children into the main stream of economy and thereby make them participate in the process of nation building. New Life is committed in building up a society based on equity and social justice where women and children are the leaders of social change of better tomorrow. It envisions an Empowered civil society in marginalized community ensuring human rights.The objectives of the organisation are : 1. To act as a link between the government and people, so that the assistance of the government reaches to, there to whom it is intended. 2. To work for the economic, social, educational and cultural development of the people particularly of the people of agricultural workers, small farmers and artisans in rural areas. 3. To strengthen and promote voluntary effort in rural development through building up of local leadership, Local institutions and to train workers particularly among at the weaker sections. 4. To defuse useful regarding rural and urban development and to undertake study research and publications of literature and reports on problems relating to the objects of the New Life. 5. To set up and organize training centres for trainees of youth, children and women in social work, in conducting service, carrying investigation, drawing plans and implementing developmental activities. 6. To help farmers, particularly small and marginal farmers, rural artisans and agricultural labourers by providing them integrated services and facilities for increasing the employment production and income. 7. To act as clearing house of information for voluntary organisations concerning their activities and their programmes. 8.To assist and organize the construction of tanks, canal, dams and other irrigation works, digging of wells, building, roads, Bala Manirs, Mahalir Sangams, youth clubs, hospitals, yoga centres,schools, libraries, teachers quarters, community halls and houses for weaker and economically backward section. 9. To take slum clearance and house building for economically, weaker sections in the urban areas. 10.To act as a link to collectorate with Central and State Governments and other appropriate agencies for formulation and execution of projects, progarmmes and schemes for integrated rural development and to accent necessary grants or funds for the above said purposes. 11. To assist, organize and undertake rehabilitation, re-construction programmes aimed at economic development of the people for areas affected by natural calamities like floods, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes etc. 12. To offer prizes, awards, scholarships and grants in furtherance of the objects of the New life. 13. To organize youth rallies, mahila and children conferences and promotion of games and sports. 14. To collaborate with other institutions, associations and societies in India or abroad, interested in similar objects. 15. To organize homes for old and physically handicapped orphans, destitutes. To organize khadi and village industries and small scale industries to create employment in rural and urban areas. 16. To encourage cultural activities like dramas, dances, literary conferences and to assist the organisation to construct open air theatres in rural areas. 17. To organize sishu vihars, bala sangams (children clubs), conferences and to assist the organisations to conduct open-air theatres, mahila mandals and youth Clubs and to construct buildings for the purposes. 18. To conduct educational tours for the children, youth, men and women in the country as well as in abroad. 19. To co-ordinate with N.S.S and other organisations which are working for development. 20. To raise funds and accept donations (in cash or kind), subscriptions, property of any kind from the people. 21. To accept donations and funds on behalf of the implementing agencies from the government and foreign donors and to obtain information regarding the physical and financial progress of the schemes. 22. To construct model villages, to organize model agricultural farms, joint-farming societies, Cross breeding farms, nurseries to help the poor agriculturists and to popularize social forestry, sericulture, poultry and horticulture 23. To establish Agro- service centres, conduct training, short-term courses for agriculturalists and agricultural laborers. 24. To conduct adult education centres popularize family planning and to publicize the developmental activities taken up by the government. 25. To run model schools, residential schools, organize nursery, secondary, higher and technical educational institutions, colleges of all categories. 26. To form seva samstha to maintain peace in villages, discipline in youth and to involve themselves in developmental activities, eradicate untouchablities for co-operative farming of all types of co operative farming society. 27. To acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease or hire or otherwise however any lands, building , easements and any other property movable and or immovable for any estate or interest for the furtherance of all or any objects of the objects of the New Life. 28. To sell, manage, transfer, exchange, mortage, lease, dispose, off or otherwise deal with any property whatsoever belonging to the New Life. 29. To draw, make, accept, endorse and discount cheque, notes, or other negotiable instruments for the purpose of the New Life. 30. To deposit the funds of the New Life not immediately required, in deposits with nationalized banks or in any securities authorized under Indian Trust Act. 31. To do all such other lawful acts deeds or things either alone or in conjuction with other organisations as are incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objects. 32. Start and manage nutritional programmes for children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. 33. To implement health programmes and to collaborate with the Government Department departments in implementing immunization and family welfare progammes. 34. To train the medical and para medical people for successful implementation of programmes. 35. Construction of hospitals, health centres for effective management of programmes of New Life.

The Problem

The children in the crime prone areas are vulnerable to abuse due to their difficult circumstances.This is more so when the child is single-parented or when the parent is in conflict with law. They are influenced by the juvenile attitude of friends, by the arrests of parents and forced to discontinue their studies.The impact of neighbourhood and friends who involve in activities conflicting with law determine the child's attitude too. The children are either abused or become juvenile delinquents

The Solution

The children's safety is the first priority. Mentoring them in a safe environment and educating them will protect from abuses and prevent them from becoming juvenile delinquents. The project aims at giving them a feeling of belonging and affection. The children are provided with a nutritious meal, decent cloth, medicines required & safe shelter. They are sent to the school nearby and are coached in the evenings. They are also provided with life skills to face the world once they become adults.


The project will raise 25 citizens with confidence and courage. Children are mentored and motivated to build a bright future for themselves and people around them. The children who come from a crime prone background are saved from juvenile delinquency and child abuse. This in turn will save their generation from involving in activities that conflict with law. This is a contribution towards a crime free society.

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