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Send Typhoon Haiyan Affected Students to College

The main problem with Typhoon Haiyan affected students especially girls is that they have difficulty going back to school as most lost their homes and livelihoods and some have parents and siblings who did not survive. They are indeed in very dire strait and they are prey to criminal syndicates offering them job in the cities but only to end up as prostitutes. This modest project will try to send 10 hardly affected girls to college or vocational school, so that they will have a good future ahead
About Our Partner

Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation

Empowerment of marginal farmers especially the youth by implementing an integrated program of water, agro-forestry, health and sanitation support, nutrition and community organizing. Capacity-building, local leadership development and gender and development cuts across our initiatives. Our main goal is for these families to live dignified lives, fully participating in the life of the community by improving their overall social and economic situation.

The Problem

The main problem is that hardest hit survivors of Typhoon Haiyan who are of school age have not gone to school because their assets are gone or they lost their parents. They are prey to criminal syndicates in Leyte victimizing the youths especially the girls and enticing them to supposedly lucrative jobs in the city such as Manila but they end up in prostitution dens. There is a need to send these students back to school.

The Solution

Sending the drop-outs back to school especially women and girls is a way out to this very difficult and de-humanizing predicament. All this needs is tuition fee, supplies and allowance for the returning students.


When the returning students finally graduates, they will be able to assist re-build the severely damaged areas through their skills and knowledge. Best of all they will be useful again as compared to the present where they are potential victims of criminal gangs preying on hapless survivors in Leyte.

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