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Set Up A New Rural Healthcare Centre, India

Rural health Care Foundation intends to open basic health care centres in all those rural areas where basic medical facility is hindered due to problems in accessibility, affordability and quality of treatment. Through this project we would open a health care unit centre with a permanent set up comprising of four departments namely General Medicine, homeopathy, Dentistry and optometry-all facilities coming at a cost of Rs 60 ($0.90) for each patient.
About Our Partner

Rural Health Care Foundation

In India state-sponsored medical infrastructure is in total disrepair. 78% of India's population lives in rural areas having to depend on only 2% of qualified medical practitioners. Hospitals are located at great distances, transport options are few, and time away from the fields during harvest season, is unfeasible. The women suffer the most, as they need a male companion to accompany them to the doctor. Consequently, the poor, illiterate farmer and his family are forced to rely upon the village quack who not only mis-diagnoses the ailment, and prescribes incorrect medication, but grossly overcharges the patient. Our organization called the Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) has come up with a working model dedicated to rural India, which is at once - affordable, replicable, scalable and hence, sustainable. This model can readily be applied in providing primary healthcare across all developing nations. RHCF has thus, established a new paradigm in the delivery of low cost primary healthcare in rural settings.The inspiration and establishment of RHCF has its origin in the solemn fact that our founder, Mr. Arun Nevatia was diagnosed with cancer when he was only 10 years old. It has been grueling living through 35 years of successive cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, not to mention their very debilitating side-effects which include -heart diseases, diabetes, and failing eye sight, to mention only a few. Yet Arun realized the blessing of being alive, the only reason for which was that he had the privileged access to the best medical care in the country, which is sadly unavailable to the vast majority in India. Arun decided to start at the very beginning. He decided to provide people who have no access to modern medicine, - affordable, reliable, primary healthcare. Amidst such circumstances, our Mayapur center was inaugurated in West Bengal in 2007. 8,000 patients showed up within the 1st month of our opening! The success of the Mayapur centre paved the way to the formation of a public trust in the name of Rural Health Care Foundation. Within the past 5 years we have opened 5 centres in 4 districts of West Bengal. OBJECTIVE OF RHCF To provide affordable primary health care to the rural people. To increase health awareness including hygiene to reduce healthcare burden. To provide well-timed, and accurate medical intervention

The Problem

There is only 2 % of medical practitioners dispensed for 78% of the rural poor which leaves many beyond the reach of basic health care. Unavailability of proper medical facility and accessibility to nearby hospitals, illiteracy and poverty are the major problems due to which many rural people in India cannot access health facilities. Hence the influence of quacks in rural areas is rampant which makes the state of basic healthcare quite problematic for the rural poor.

The Solution

We would open health care centers at strategic location in rural areas which will have increased accessibility keeping in mind the affordability and quality of treatment. Besides providing basic medical facility we would conduct cataract surgery and cleft lip palate surgery, medical examinations like sugar tests free of cost and provide spectacles to needy patients at subsidized rates. the centres would be open 6 days a week from 9am to 5.30 pm.


The project will stop the dominance of quacks and work as complimentary body to the government hospitals where there is a huge out pour of patients affecting deliverance of quality medical facility. Through our service delivery model increased awareness regarding taboos related to diseases will be addressed thus leading knowledge about various diseases. It has been found that that our centres hugely facilitate the growth of local economy besides an improvement in the local transport.

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