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Green Maps for a more sustainable future!

Green Maps inspire people to take action, so every community can be a healthier and more sustainable place! In more than 900 cities in 65 countries, locally-made Green Maps directly engage all ages by sharing important information about farmers markets, solar sites, cycling paths, community gardens, green job training centers, and much more. With your help, even more cities, towns and campuses will benefit from Green Map System's capacity building tools, platform and engagement resources.
About Our Partner

Green Map System

Engaging communities worldwide to chart a sustainable future - for all of us! We empower a diverse perspective-changing movement mapping local natural, social and cultural resources in 875 diverse cities, villages and neighborhoods in over 65 countries. Developing local sustainability networks since 1995, Green Map System expands the demand for healthy, green choices with our adaptable, experiential and interactive mapmaking resources and universal icons, multilingual websites, workshops and regional hubs.

The Problem

Too many people feel bewildered by ecological decline and climate change's complexities because they lack awareness of local resources and connections to make meaningful change. To encourage daily actions that support vibrant economies and thriving communities, our participatory tools and mapping technologies help local project leaders bring everyday solutions to light. As a result, across the US and around the world, award-winning Green Maps highlight local places, pathways, people & resources.

The Solution

We're working harder than ever to accelerate participation! Green Map projects are led by city officials, nonprofits, students, social innovators and everyday citizens. Each utilizes our engagement resources, interactive mapping platform, global iconography, and direct mentoring to tell their community's green story. You can help us build capacity, skills and collaboration for a more resilient, healthy, democratic and economically sound world.


To help all of us work smarter, we are evolving our tools and ways of working. Your support will accelerate our ability to build skills, networks and resources, enabling local Green Map teams to undertake a wider variety of community-building & sustainability initiatives. We will combine our efforts with diverse 'smart cities' programs, media and others. This will enhance our reach and impacts, yielding powerful new print and interactive Green Maps that help millions of people.

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