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Youth singers transform lives by teaching others

300 children from the city's vulnerable areas will receive singing classes from elder students that have been with us for over 8 years. In doing so, they will improve their talent. Fundacion Sirenaica works in these areas since 13 years ago. It has influenced thousands of people's lives and they have been the life reference for many others. The students that give classes today have grown up in Fundacion Sirenaica. Up to date, Fundacion Sirenaica has 1300 students distributed in 60 choruses.
About Our Partner

Fundacion Sirenaica

To promote the development of singing skills, music and arts in children and youth with talent, thus educating and contributing to social transformation of the most vulnerable communities within the Metropolitan Area of Medellin. Our work is done with the help of artist teachers who are also committed with the children's formation in values.

The Problem

The foundation targets Medellin's populations that have had little or no access to educational or cultural opportunities. Fundacion Sirenaica discovers those talents hidden in neighborhoods where crime, drugs and prostitution thrive. These children from vulnerable communities have amazing potential although they don't realize it and have no resources to develop it.

The Solution

With the program we will form children and young people in our city as happy integral human beings; proud of themselves and their origins, committed to their present, their future and their environment, and with the ability to find a sense in life, hence restoring harmony within their families and communities. We are providing a new generation that knows how to spend time efficiently, live in community and find new opportunities away from crime and violence.


We seek for a domino effect. By expanding our project's reach, not only do we contribute to a positive change in the country and reduce the standards of criminality and violence, but we also provide a new generation of educated children and youth, committed with their city's progress and in the long term, they will work as professionals, for the peace of their communities. We will be helping not only these children but also more than 300 families, and 20 neighborhoods in Medellin.

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