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Help Premature Babies survive in Haitian NICU

One in every five children in Haiti die before the age of five. Out of those who die, 60 percent are under one year old. God's Littlest Angels set up a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Haiti in 1994. Very few medical programs had programs for these tiny babies. The premature and malnourished infants were not given much hope. Today, GLA offers IV therapy, Incubators, oxygen and CPAP therapy and offer their services to the community free of charge.

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Outreach for Women and Girls in Post-Quake Nepal

This project provides education, awareness, and access to services for vulnerable women and girls living in remote communities of Nepal, who continue to suffer from the physical and social impact of the 2015 earthquake. By informing women and girls of their human rights and the services they are entitled to, they become empowered and challenge the societal norms of gender inequality.

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Support Abandoned Mentally Challenged Children

Sri Arunodayam is a home to mentally challenged abandoned children. Founded in 2002, Sri Arunodayam is a registered charitable trust. Recognized as a reception unit by the Government of Tamil Nadu, Sri Arunodayam provides care, shelter and rehabilitation for mentally challenged children who have been abandoned by their biological families.

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Provide books for 64 nursing students in Myanmar

American Nursing Institute (ANI) opened its' doors in Mandalay in June to educate more nurses, and wishes to provide books & a proper library. Nurses deliver the majority of care in Myanmar, often in remote areas, where they encounter poor access to current heath care information, equipment or materials. Since sanctions were lifted in Myanmar, the situation has improved, but they are still far behind. There is only one nurse per 1,000 people. In the US, there are over 10 nurses per 1,000 people.

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Give HK Cleft Lip and Palate Families a Smile

The Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate (HKACLP) is the one and only in Hong Kong that provide support services for patients with cleft lip and palate and their parents, as well as pregnant mothers bearing affected babies. HKACLP aims to help the parents to give the best care to the affected children. We do not have subvention of any kind, our fund mainly comes from fund raising activities and donations by the general public.

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Help people Survive Flood Emergency in Pakistan

After the severe heat of May and June (upto 48 degree C).July and August are months of heavy rains in Pakistan.In 2015,the heavy rains have caused severe flood situation all over Pakistan especially in the provinces (Punjab and KPK).Last year,the floods have affected 817,713 people and 2275 villages of Pakistan.The Project focuses on the prior preparation of the communities of the 15 villages of Southern Punjab to save themselves from the floods through the Disaster Risk Reduction trainings.

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Send Tesha Simwera and 29 other girls to school

This project will pay fees, notebooks and school uniform for 30 secondary school girls every year. They will also be supported with sanitary pads. Also, we will provide vocational skills to girls and introduce an entrepreneurship training and provide start-up capital so that girls can be able to economically stand on their own.

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Provide food for the Middle East refugees

Millions of people are leaving their homes on Middle East escaping from the war and disaster. They are travelling thousands of miles on their path to better life, and Serbia is one of the transit countries and last before they enter the EU. Since January 2015, over 800.000 forced migrants have passed through Serbia. So called "Balkan route" has been closed on March 8th, but refugees are passing through Serbia and they are in urgent need for food.

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Support Foster Grandparents in DC

Help to cover the cost of training, materials, uniforms, and daily travel reimbursement for more than 200 low-income DC seniors with caring spirits who provide critical mentoring and tutoring to DC children in a variety of local settings. UPO Foster Grandparents annually give over 175,000 volunteer hours, serving over 8,000 social economically disadvantaged children at 51 volunteer sites including Early Head Start/Head Start centers, Elementary Schools and Children's Hospitals.

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Save Sick, Injured and Abused Homeless Pets!

Animals often come into shelters suffering from severe illness or injury as a result of abuse or neglect. Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation's Emergency Medical Fund, these pets can get lifesaving care, stop suffering and find forever homes rather than being euthanized.

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