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Browse the project gallery to learn about the life changing work Heartful.ly partners are doing around the world.
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Fair Futures for 250 women & girls in Timor-Leste

The project funds small business solutions for 250 female artisans in three remote villages in Timor-Leste. Extensive training will provide the accounting, clerical, design and marketing skills needed to manage and build their handcrafts businesses. Mentoring programs will improve their capacity to protect weaving traditions and their natural environment now and into the future. The project will also influence broader handcrafts sector sustainability through demonstration impact and advocacy.

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Reach out to fight breast cancer in Virginia

Arlington Free Clinic’s Breast Health Program connects underserved women in the community with everything they need to detect and fight cancer, from breast health education and screenings, to treatment and follow-up care.

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Fund healthcare for people around the world

There are 1.5 billion people in the world lacking access to basic healthcare. Fund a surgery and provide life-changing healthcare for a patient in need.

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Help Empower Women Who are Homeless in Chicago

Women struggling with homelessness often face considerable challenges, such as mental illness, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Since 1979, Sarah's Circle has empowered women to overcome these challenges.

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Food and Self-Reliance for AIDS Orphans

AFCA will provide small livestock (chickens, goats, pigs, guinea fowl, or rabbits) to benefit children infected and/or affected by AIDS, as well a training needed to become self-sufficient as they raise flocks or herds for their own consumption and to sell. Large infrastructure help (boreholes, large hen runs, or rabbit homes) is also provided, when needed, in order to carry out these projects.

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Spay/Neuter 1,000 Stray Dogs & Cats in The Bahamas

Reduce the number of stray and suffering dogs and cats in the Bahamas through spay and neuter. Provide vaccinations, worming and emergency vet care to injured animals or orphaned puppies and kittens Working with local communities teaching responsible pet ownership helping them to make healthier and safer communities for people and pets alike.

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Help Andy Help His Fellow Disaster Survivors

Andy is 39 years old and he's a survivor of the 2004 Asian Tsunami in Thailand. After his recovery he went back to Thailand to volunteer his engineering skills and help rebuild. Andy went on to start IDV, a charity that has now helped over 20,000 of his fellow disaster survivors in Nepal, the Philippines and Haiti. Andy has the experience, skills and passion to help thousands more disaster survivors, but he needs your help to build IDV's capacity, and to increase the impact of its vital work.

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Solar Jobs & Energy for Health Clinics in Lesotho

Rural health clinics across the globe lack energy resources to provide quality care to the patients who need it most: doctors work with no lights, no hot water or heat in winter. Through an innovative training, technology transfer and manufacturing program, we create local jobs and empower local partners to build and maintain clean energy systems to power these clinics. Your contribution will help fund key workshop upgrades to support our partners' first commercial sales of solar systems.

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Take 2: Teaching Children w/ Autism Washington, DC

Children with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism overcome loneliness and isolation at Take 2 Camp, which relies on recent advances in autism research to teach friendship skills.

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Provide School Meals to Children in India

Everyday, Akshaya Patra provides hot, nutritious school meals to 1.4 million under-served children in more than 10,600 government schools across India from 23 kitchen facilities. For many children this is their only meal of the day, and it gives them the essential nutrients growing children need to develop cognitive abilities that enable them to excel in school.

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