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Browse the project gallery to learn about the life changing work Heartful.ly partners are doing around the world.
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Solar Lanterns for 160 Village Homes in Liberia

*2.8 million hours of light for 193 families so children can study, families can share dinner, neighbors can socialize together, and for all to enjoy the night *261 males, 425 females, 487 boys and 517 girls.

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Help Cancer Patients Access Medications!

Modern cancer drugs are often unavailable or unaffordable for patients in the former Soviet Union countries. We help patients purchase lifesaving medications at competitive prices in the pharmacies around the world.

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Help America's Premature Foster Care Infants !

America has a growing number of premature babies who are entering into foster care at an alarming rate! Too many of these precious innocent souls are going into group home or institutional care settings. We are a charity of dedicated Nurses, recruiting qualified Nurse-Foster Providers, to bring these precious "Angels" into the homes of highly skilled nurses who love and adopt many of our angels. Our Little Angels In Waiting Need Your Help. Please Help Us Nurses, Save Countless Childhood.

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Orangutan Rescue: On the frontline in Sumatra

Sumatran orangutans are Critically Endangered, with only around 14,600 left in the wild. The greatest threat to their survival is the loss of their rainforest home - forest destruction for farmlands in Sumatra is happening on a massive scale. As a result, orangutans often become stranded in patches of forest surrounded by plantations. They are at risk of starvation, hunting and poaching. We rescue orangutans and work with farmers to help them protect their crops without harming wildlife.

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Szadvar castle project and youth camp, Hungary

This project provides 30 children each summer with fun activities, food and lodging and 100 volunteers with food, tents,and other supplies at Szadvar Castle in rural Hungary.

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Give girls a greenlight for Science

Greenlight for girls holds one-day girl-focused events to demonstrate the fun in math, science, engineering and technology through hands-on workshops and activities run by role-models in STEM fields. These are open to the local community with particular focus to reach girls in less advantaged communities. The money raised would provide funding for transport, nutrition, workshop materials, access to lab & computer equipment so that any girl may participate regardless of their economic situation.

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Empowering Vulnerable Young People with LifeSkills

Empowering over 4,000 young people every year from poor socioeconomic backgrounds with critical life skills through sustainable engagement in experiential after school programmes using sports, creative arts, mentoring and outdoor camps.

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Help us rebuild schools in Nepal

The Santi School Project has years of valuable experience reaching deep into the mountainous corners of Nepal, helping to shape lives for the better. This project will support rebuilding of schools and classrooms damaged or destroyed in the earthquake, both in villages where we have long-lasting partnerships as well as villages that need to restore their schools after the earthquake. 100% of funds we receive will be spent in Nepal.

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Feeding & Educating 50,000 Orphans in Rwanda

We are providing care and material support (school fees, materials, insurance, clothing nutritional support) for 50,000 children orphaned or otherwise vulnerable as a result of HIV/AIDs or genocide.

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Camperships for Ecological Wilderness Camping

Camp Forest is a wilderness day and expedition camp for children. Camperships assist families to provide a camp experience where children learn to respect, preserve and protect the environment.

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